Owning a British motorcycle comes with its own set of joys and even more challenges. When it comes to maintaining and repairing these bikes, having the right service tools is just as crucial as sourcing the correct parts. At The Bonneville Shop and British Iron, we understand the unique needs of enthusiasts who take pride in their Triumphs, Nortons, BSAs, and other vintage and modern Brit bikes.

What we offer at

The Bonneville Shop


From miscellaneous to specialty tools, we carry an extensive collection of over a hundred service tools designed specifically for the intricate world of British motorcycle restoration. 


Have your clutch plates worn out? Clutch locking tools are in-stock for your Triumph, Norton or BSA to make the job a breeze.


Need service tools for your BSA’s forks? Look no further – we have the precise instruments to facilitate a smooth and accurate job.

Hand Tools

The right spanners and sockets are essential when dealing with vintage Brit bikes. If you’re new to Triumph, Norton or BSA, check out our tech blog on The Nuts and Bolts of Hardware.

Got spokes?

For jobs that require a specific tool, our catalog is fully stocked. Working on your wheels? Use the 6-in-1 spoke wrench and the K&L Wheel Truing & Balance Stand

Parts Books and Manuals

Whether you have a Triumph, Norton or BSA, we have a large selection of parts books and manuals.

Getting the job done the easiest way possible and getting the job done right can be done with the proper tools. The quality and durability of our tools are a testament to our commitment to supporting the vibrant community of vintage British motorcycle owners. Whether you’re undertaking routine maintenance, a comprehensive engine overhaul, or fine-tuning the delicate components of your motorcycle, The Bonneville Shop’s comprehensive inventory is your one-stop solution.

Tools at

British Iron


Keep your Triumph motorcycle in ready riding condition with our large selection of tools. From chain breakers to hones, British Iron stocks top-quality Triumph tools. Maintaining and fixing your Triumph motorcycle can call for a variety of tools, depending on the type of work you plan to do.

Working on Your Cams?

Use the Piston Stop Kit and Aluminum Crankshaft Degree Wheel and to create cam profile maps, change cam timing, and determine ignition timing. You can also use with a rigid needle to determine true top dead center TDC.

Clutch Locking Tools

We love the clutch locking tools from EBC to prevent clutch rotation when removing or installing the clutch hub nut. 


Need to check your flywheel? Whether your Triumph has internal threads or external threads, we have the right flywheel puller to help with the job.

The Triumph Valve Shim Removal Tool is a much needed specialty tool and used to make valve clearance adjustments. It makes shim replacement without cam removal possible.

Having these tools at your disposal can empower you to perform routine maintenance and address minor issues with confidence. Always refer to your motorcycle’s manual for specific instructions, and if a task seems beyond your comfort level, consider seeking professional assistance.

Whether you ride a Daytona, Speed Triple or Tiger, regular maintenance helps keep your Triumph motorcycle running smoothly and ensures a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.